Diligent planning and strategic thinking are highly valued at Compass Construction. Achieving a vision for each and every client includes communication and the clear understanding of an owner’s expectations for the project. This communication starts during preconstruction, where our insight and experience in asking exactly the right questions and laying a framework for decision making set us up to reach our clients’ goals for both the project budget and timeline.

Conceptual Budgeting

Compass realizes that a project financial budget is more realistic and useful when detailed thought and information are used to generate it. We take pride in understanding our client’s desires and specific project requests. Combining the owner’s overall concept of the project with the thoughtful calculation of design and construction costs involved, provides a practical and accurate budget which will be a useful measure of the financial status of the project at any given time.

Design Assist

Our experience in taking projects from the early design phase through to completion provides the valuable partner that every owner relies on. Similar to some of the services of Design/Build delivery, Compass can provide a team approach in the preconstruction phase that expedites decision-making and provides efficiencies throughout the project.


Compass takes full advantage of using our prior experience, and the specific or unique aspects of our completed projects, to control costs and improve project  A previous, but similar, project may provide a valuable benchmark for understanding certain lead times to plan accurate scheduling.  Previous jobs also give Compass first-hand knowledge of how a specific subcontractor meets the needs of a project, or they may provide insight into the best way to reduce interruptions to an operational business during construction. Simply stated, there are many benefits to benchmarking and our vast experiences in the construction market will always to our clients’ advantage in creating efficiencies going forward.