Design Build


Not only do we believe in this delivery method and its benefits, Compass is an expert in Design/Build projects and is therefore able provide some very unique services.

We believe the primary advantages of the design/build method are the early involvement of Compass in the project, and the opportunity to design to the budget, in coordination with all involved parties, which results in very definite financial efficiencies and a reduced time schedule.

The Design/Build method gives owners the assurance that all aspects of a project will remain on track.  And as the main point of contact, the flow of communication will come through Compass, eliminating typical barriers that an owner might feel in a more traditional project delivery method.


Other characteristics of Design/Build delivery are:

  • Being involved from the inception of the project allows Compass to assist with matters related to site selection
  • Performance of due diligence tasks relating to environmental surveys
  • Understanding how the topography of a site will affect its design, and subsequently the overall cost of the project
  • Recognizing the need for geo-technical testing and/or architectural surveys prior to site approval
  • Compass manages the construction and holds the contract for all design, thereby assuming the risk for both. This provides the owner with the benefit of easier communication about all project matters.
  • Compass involves the entire team during subcontractor selection and other preconstruction activities, and bases decisions on the common goals established by the owner, architect, Compass and any other involved parties.
  • Overseeing both the design and the construction means Compass can quickly adapt to necessary changes, and that desired adjustments aren’t delayed by a number of “back and forth” communications between designers, architects, or other parties working independently on the project.
  • Early involvement by Compass allows the Company to predict materials requirements and avoid delays caused by long material lead times
  • The more integrated approach results in the deliberate and continuous consideration,by all involved parties, of the flow of information, resources and materials, and therefore provides the opportunity to predict and preempt waste.
  • The Design/Build method focuses on constantly forecasting, rather than just monitoring, project activity.